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Riccardo Brachi
Prato, 68 years old
About me
Mio padre fu pittore, attivo in Italia nella seconda metà del secolo XX. Nacque nel 1923 e mori nel 2009. Le sue opere meritano, a mio avviso, di essere più largamente conosciute di quanto non lo siano state fino ad ora. A lui devo il gusto per l'arte in generale ed una modesta capacità di valutare i valori artistici, in particolare nelle opere pittoriche.
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Riccardo Brachi
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Pablo Picasso
Original   Auto-Translated
Pablo Picasso and his first (at least, widely known) Muse Fernanda Olivier. Paris 1904
Before meeting with Picasso, Fernanda earned her living mainly from posing. She was the perfect model - a tall, stately red-haired beauty. But when the girl moved to Pablo in his studio in Bato Lavoir, he forbade her to pose for other artists. Fernanda, among other things, was also rather vain, she loved being portrayed as beautiful. With Picasso, she had to become the object of his first painting experiments - many of the works of the "African" period and proto-cubist portraits were written with her.
This text was originally published in Russian and automatically translated to English.
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Pablo Picasso
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