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In Arthive, there are tens of thousands of artists and hundreds of thousands of artworks. Here you can find the images of the paintings by great artists and contemporary painters, icon painting and mosaic, collage and engraving – the number of artworks in our database is growing every day. Moreover, Arthive is designed so that you are able to find the artists and artworks of your interest at the touch of a button. For this purpose, we created a system of filters, ratings and personal recommendations.

The developers of Arthive adapted the unique Internet platform to the social network familiar to users, where people communicate on various topics about art. So Arthive makes it possible not only to make a new acquaintance with the people sharing similar interests, but virtually unite in one place the owners of private collections and the artists.

All members of the Arthive community have a lot of attractive opportunities: they can make available their copyright publications on the works by famous artists to the whole world, express personal opinions about past exhibitions and the events dedicated to the activities of great artists, discuss expositions with other experts, make purchases, promote their works and sell them on their own, as well as create interesting new collections, which are easy to manage.

A total of 256,161 paintings by 74,743 artists are stored in the Arthive collections. To make the use and navigation in the system easy, all the information on the website is divided into categories:

• By the style of art – from paintings and graphics to digital art and street art.
• By the subject of artworks – from historical and mythological motifs to the fantasy and nude genre by the famous and not-so-famous artists.
• By the art medium the artists used to create an artwork – from classic watercolours and oils to modern creative solutions for painting with sauce and sand.
• By the peculiar features of the artist’s style, which developed under the influence of traditional schools or futuristic trends.

All famous artists in Arthive are also divided into groups. You can easily find a large amount of information about an artist of interest using the alphabetical index, the settings for a specific time period of their activity or the index of countries.

You can look behind the scenes of creative life by subscribing to Arthive’s news blog so as not to miss the latest events in the art world. Thanks to the tag system, it has become much easier to find information about famous artists, time and place of the upcoming art exhibitions, the rare and mysterious copies recently found by the experts, the large-scale events dedicated to great masters in their native cities, and the fabulous bids for the world’s art masterpieces at auctions.

A true connoisseur can find a virtual company of experts in Arthive to exchange views and gain new knowledge in the field of art. To become part of a huge community, just register on the website and create your own profile page. Arthive always has a vibrant atmosphere with a spacious field of activity for all social network users.
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