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Exhibition October 25, 2019 − February 16
Masterpieces from the Kunsthalle Bremen: from Delacroix to Beckmann
Exhibition "Masterpieces from the Kunsthalle Bremen: from Delacroix to Beckmann"tells the story of this German collection and its early commitment to contemporary art through a juxtaposition of French and German works of art created between the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century.

The exhibition tells about the exceptional history of the Bremen Kunsthalle, which is characterized by its strong civic commitment, close ties between private collecting and institutional care, as well as early work on professional research and promotion of contemporary art.

The exhibition emphasizes the influence of contemporary discourse on art and its perception in Germany, the first country to adopt impressionism and post-impressionism.
Galleries at the exhibition
1954, 81×65 cm
1876, 81.3×100 cm
June 1889, 71×91 cm
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