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Eva Gonzalez (fr Eva Gonzalès; April 19, 1849, Paris — May 5, 1883, Paris) — artist from the Spanish-Belgian family, impressionist. Began to study painting in the studio Charle chaplaine, later becoming a student and one of the favorite models Edouard Manet. In his workshop, she meets her future husband, a friend of Mane the artist Henri Gerard. But their marriage was prepared for a short century: shortly after the birth of his son, Gonzalez suddenly died from embolism. After living for 34 years, left only about nine dozen paintings.

Features of the artist Eva Gonzalez: The main heroes of her canvases were mostly women and children, less often still lifes and landscapes. In all cases, Parisian paintings are characterized by muffled tones, soft lines, delicacy and even some tenderness in the depiction of objects. Whether bouquet of flowerssimple millinergirl with a bird in handor even a pair of shoes— any composition or plot performed by Gonzalez gives a special feminine and very feminine look at things.

Famous paintings by Eva Gonzalez: "Morning Awakening", "Lodge in the Italian theater", "A child with a pipe", "Actress with a mask".

The author: Natalia Azarenko
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Eva Gonzalez. Flowers
Eva Gonzalez. Dessert
Eva Gonzalez. Lady
Eva Gonzalez. Favorite plant
Eva Gonzalez. Portrait of Jeanne Gonzalez
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Eva Gonzalez. Sweet apples
Sweet apples
Eva Gonzalez
1878, 37.5×45.4 cm
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Eva Gonzalez. Morning awakening
Morning awakening
1876, 81.3×100 cm
Eva Gonzalez. Box at the Italian theatre
Box at the Italian theatre
1874, 98×130 cm
Eva Gonzalez. Lady with a Fan
Lady with a Fan
1870, 42.5×27 cm
Eva Gonzalez. Dieppe Beach View From The Cliff West
Dieppe Beach View From The Cliff West
1871, 28.5×70 cm
Eva Gonzalez. Child With A Pipe
Child With A Pipe
Eva Gonzalez. The Donkey Ride
The Donkey Ride
1880, 81.3×100 cm
Eva Gonzalez. Afternoon Tea (also known as On the Terrace)
Afternoon Tea (also known as On the Terrace)
Eva Gonzalez. An Actress With A Mask
An Actress With A Mask
Eva Gonzalez. The Front Port
The Front Port
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