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Description of the artwork «Window»

“It is necessary at times: no, no, yes, a little crazy” - Valentin Serov described his creative method somehow. He then spoke of another picture. But, for sure, I could say the same about “Window” - a work on which it is not easy to guess the author.

The fact that Serov was a latent impressionist is probably not a sensation. From time to time, this beginning in him would wake up - affectedfriendship with Konstantin Korovin (and, perhaps, the fact that Serov lived with his mother in Paris on Clichy Boulevard as a child). But even against the background of these impressionistic splashes, “The Window” seems to be too cursory a sketch.

Whether uncharacteristic Serovu intuitive ease of execution, or deliberate carelessness: air, glare, bustling summer ripples. Is this Serov who has been harassing himself and his models with hundreds of sessions, marathons, which, at times, dragged on for years? Is this the gloomy truth-lover, under whose eyes Shalyapin and Nikolay II were lost?

The young age of the artist nothing to do with. Very soon he will write his main hits: in just a year - "A girl with peaches"in two - "The girl lit by the sun".
For Serov, it was always important to feel any emotion towards what he was painting. A window in a simple village house was more important to him than the luxurious interiors of the Romanov and Yusupov palaces. This unsightly nature excited his feelings no less than later -bloody events of 1905 or, for example, naked Ida Rubinstein.

The window written by Serov is in the house of his aunt Adelaide Simanovich in Yedimonovo, a village with unexpectedly extensive connections with the world of Russian visual art. BrotherVasily Vereshchagin - Nikolai - founded a school of dairy farming here. I've been here and Mikhail Vrubel. As for Serov, in his fate Yedimonovo played a significant role - here in the house of Adelaide Simanovich he met his future wife, Olga Trubnikova. This window (along with to otherswritten in the same year) - sketch for her portrait.

Portrait itselfAt first Serov disliked him - he seemed too dark to him, not “gratifying” enough. Another thing is a sketch - his “window to the summer”, looking into which the artist seemed to be transferred to the carefree 86th.
Serov 21. He is full of strength, naive, in love. The window is wide open, and there is no squabbling behind it at the Academy of Fine Arts, no domestic troubles, no quarrels with friends, or 1905 - only the sun and high hopes.
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About the artwork

Art form: Painting

Subject and objects: Landscape, Interior

Style of art: Impressionism

Date of creation: 1887

Artwork in selections: 7 selections

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