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Exhibition October 2, 2018 − January 6, 2019
Picasso. Blue and pink
The Orsay Museum and the National Picasso Museum in Paris organized exceptional showdedicated to the blue and pink periods by Pablo Picasso. This exhibition is the first example of the large-scale cooperation of these two museums. It presents the masterpieces of 1900 - 1906 and offers a new interpretation of these critical years for the artist's career. This period of time has not yet been fully disclosed in any French museum.

The exhibition at the Orsay Museum demonstrates the aspiration of the young Picasso to get involved in his time and revises his work through the prism of his affiliation to the XIX century.

The exhibition will feature a large number of paintings and drawings in order to present a complete overview of the artist’s sculptures and engravings from 1900 to 1906.