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Exhibition October 20 − November 12, 2017
Russian Art: Findings and Discoveries
Exhibition "Russian Art: Findings and Discoveries"in the halls of the New Manege presents works of Russian artists of the XIX-XX centuries. Among the painters whose works are on display are many well-known masters: Ilya Repin, Konstantin Korovin, Abram Arkhipov, Boris Anisfeld, Natalia Goncharova, Robert Falk and others.

The exhibition included more than seventy works of the museum level. Many of them have not only artistic but also historical value. Cloth of the Wanderer Abram Arkhipov "Summer Evening. Fishing boats in the village harbor "was bought by a famous Norwegian diplomat and collector Alfred Danielsen, who worked in Moscow from1929 to 1935. Rare in the work of Alexei Savrasov, the landscape with a figured scene also has Scandinavian origin. In the pre-revolutionary decade, the picture was acquired by hereditary Norwegian manufacturers who successfully engaged in business in Russia until the events of 1917 forced them to return to their historical homeland together with a collection of Russian art. The documentary provenance of the paintings "Crimean Landscape" by Konstantin Korovin and "Still Life with Panda's Fruit and Bamboo Boughs" by David Burliuk can be traced back to the pre-war times.

But in addition, among the exhibits of the exhibition of watercolors by Ilya Repin, a portrait of one of the favorite models of Boris Grigoriev and the "Court of Paris" by Boris Anisfeld. The last picture is the earliest surviving work of the artist from the cycle of works on mythological and biblical subjects. Also, visitors will be able to see a rare work
Natalia Goncharova's "Ornament", as well as landscapes of I. Shishkin, A. Dubovsky and P. Vereshchagin, works by A. Tyshler, A. Exter, M. Vasilyeva and R. Falk. A separate section of the exhibition is dedicated to the works of artists of the sixties. It included the works of Mikhail Shemyakin, Oscar Rabin, Oleg Tselkov, Vladimir Nemukhin, created in the Soviet period.

The exhibition "Russian Art: Findings and Discoveries" is organized Gallery "ABA"(USA).

Based on the materials of the official site MVO "Manege".