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Composition VIII

Painting, 1923, 140×201 cm

Description of the artwork «Composition VIII»

Kandinsky believed that painting one of the most important in his work – the precise expression of his theory of emotional properties of color, line and shape. During the period of work is completed, he taught at the Bauhaus and worked on the book "Point and line to plane", it came out in 1926. Since the establishment of the first nameless abstract watercolors 13 years.

"Composition VIII" drawn in the so-called "cold period" paintings, which were marked by rigor, scientific logic, and contain a rational beginning. In this painting, the artist went from color to form, it creates a composition and is the protagonist.

In the treatise "Point and line to plane" is a detailed story about the psychological significance of each of the depicted figures. Horizontal sound "cold and gloomy", vertical "heat and high" sharp corners "warm, sharp, active and yellow" and direct "cold, reserved and red."

The artist understood all the difficulties that can occur in an unprepared viewer, and said that this picture requires a different approach in the introduction: it is necessary to first examine it up close, then relax your eyes and allow seen to penetrate to the part of the brain that responds to music.

Despite the innovation of this work, there are recurring motifs from previous works by Kandinsky. If you look closely at the left part of the picture, you can see a stylized picture of the mountain with the cross. In the earlier paintings - "Picture with an Archer", "Moscow I" - we will find the Church on the hill. Kandinsky was a deeply religious man and associate religion with "what we look for in art".

"Composition VIII" was one of the first paintings purchased by Solomon Guggenheim for his extensive collection. In 1930 he visited the Bauhaus, was delighted with the paintings of Kandinsky and gladly bought them. Now at the Guggenheim Museum are 150 works of the artist, they constitute the core of the collection are the extensive collection of paintings by Kandinsky in the ocean.

Author: Alexander Berezhnaya
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About the artwork

Art form: Painting

Style of art: Abstractionism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Date of creation: 1923

Size: 140×201 cm

Artwork in selections: 80 selections

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