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Exhibition December 11, 2019 − January 26
Continuation of traditions. Saranjab and Indira Baldano
State Museum of the East presents an exhibition“Continuation of traditions”outstanding Buryat sculptor Serenjaba Baldano and his daughter, artist Indira Baldano.

The exposition, which consists of three sections, will feature more than 200 items: sculptures by the master, paintings by Indira Baldano, as well as folk art objects from Buryatia in the 19th – early 20th centuries.

The main part of the exposition is dedicated to the creative heritage of the famous sculptor, honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts, woodcarver Serenjaba Baldano (1930–2014). More than a hundred works of the master are presented, most of which are plastic of a symbolic-allegorical plan, dating back to the motives of folk mythology. The second section of the exhibition is represented by paintings by the daughter of Serenjab Baldano - Indira. She is interested in the cozy world of the family, close people and pets become the heroes of the paintings. The original style of the artist in terms of dynamics and color brings the paintings of Indira Baldano closer to the visual principles of Buddhist icons-tangka.

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