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Serenzhab (Serenzhav)

Saranjab Baldano (1930-2014) - sculptor. Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts.

His art is unique. It miraculously combined national traditions and modernity. The images created by him are incredible in terms of plasticity and spirituality, they amaze with the scale, internal expression, depth and severity of the author’s thinking.

Born in 1930 in the village of Khoyto-Aga, Aginsky Buryat Autonomous Okrug. I tried many professions until I found myself in sculpture.

Since 1960 - a member of the Union of Artists. He put a lot of effort into restoring national traditions in plastic arts in Buryatia, for which he was persecuted by government structures. He was forced to leave in 1968 from Buryatia to Alma-Ata, where he lived for three decades and created most of his works.

Since 1995 he lived and worked in Moscow.
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