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Father and son

Painting, 2018, 60×80 cm

Description of the artwork «Father and son»

One of the Brothers Grimm Brothers
Could not compete with others.
- Do not drink with me? - Thicken paint!
What is not healthy? So this is a fairy tale!

Children and fathers

Intentionally rearranged the usual phrase from childhood. What does it have to do with Turgenev? Nothing to do with it. His fathers had centuries-old traditions behind their shoulders and tried to inculcate them in children. And children created and create traditions for each week and speak to fathers ... However, many are quite aware of that from the mouth of their children.
And so ... Once, the younger son asked: ...
And it is known to many. I'll start here with what:
Artists who pay a lot of attention to the portrait are well aware of the fact that children are pained to paint from nature. Some adults, too, but especially children. Sit the child for about five minutes and it starts to twist, shake, and it quietly slips onto the floor and ...
Depicting children is very difficult. Especially their own. I want to live. But after ten minutes, the child’s face becomes sour, his body limp. You start to get nervous and inwardly swear completely obscene expressions.
The eldest, after fifteen minutes of posing, said that they were waiting for him on the street, that he was a goalkeeper and without him the important match between the first entrance and the third could not begin. The elder sat more, but during the break she looked and decided that it was necessary to put mother's earrings in her ears, and beads on her mother's neck. I, with her mom, objected. Daughter was offended and did not want to pose more. The younger one was surprised at my requirement to sit still. I had to seduce candy. One is about five minutes of immobility. After the third, I realized that the portrait would take at least two kg. I regretted the health of my son and my budget - he preferred exclusively chocolate. The youngest was sitting so wonderful that, after twenty minutes of immobility, she fell from the chair, burst into tears, and I received the full program of indignation from her mother.
For a couple of years, the eldest daughter came with her grandson and I offered him to sit. What for? - he asked. I'll draw you, I said. I do not want, - the grandson firmly declared. And he added: Give me this. And this. And there it is. Gave him all that he desired.

So why? - I said to myself and stopped pestering my children and grandchildren with the desire to make them up.

Among the brothers of portrait painters there are some amazing talents capable of “grasping” the features of nature immediately and fix them in the eye memory. Natura left, came, fell ill, went to a wake ..., and an amazing talent paints and after a while calls for the customer to see and issue a fee. The customer frantically counts the time of the sessions, then the banknotes and cannot understand - when did this maestro manage and could almost without him. But like it! Customers exclaim in chorus and can not understand a simple thing - you, nature, skimped on (a) your duties to sit, stand, lie, and the camera for what? - clicked on the sly because of the drapery and let him walk at the commemoration or wherever. But the thing with the photo for not having the talent to "grab." For example, for me. I need a diligent nature that has unlimited time and, most importantly, is very interested in the result. The third position can be found candidate, the first two - PRACTICALLY NO. And among other businessmen and women in the forefront are children. Children are a model of restlessness and complete inconsistency with the slow passage of time. They need somewhere, they are very concerned about urgent matters, they are waiting for friends and girlfriends, the computer, the tablet and the i-background are missing them. And the bearded guy, with tassels in his hands, makes him sit and look at his old, uninteresting face.

One day, the younger son asked, going into the workshop:
- Dad, was there a still life hanging here! ...
- I sold it.
- Like this?! What for?!
- My dear son, if a certain person comes and invites me to sell EVERYTHING and for a normal amount, then I will do it. I'd like to hope that it will be you. On the other hand, you and so it all will get at the end of my ends.
- Pa, what are you, live long and work!
And then the younger one begins to say everything that our beloved children say in such cases, and this is pleasant.
And now he has his son and I dream to have time to teach my grandson his craft. Let his dad, having grown old, think with love about his son and admire his talents. As I hope, now the youngest thinks of me.

Many times he began to paint portraits of his small and matured children, grandchildren and grandchildren. Most remained in the outline and light underframes. Something has reached the end result. But their inexpressible image still floats, not understood by me, in the space of the new time. Their time, to comprehend which, I was not given.
May the Lord prolong their days for the good of all people!

My friend and colleagues parents were artists. Now in his apartment the walls are hung with portraits of his brother and granddaughter. I ask a friend: Standing for a long time? You know, old man, - the friend answered, - I don’t remember how much I was standing, but I remember well what I said to myself: NEVER, I WON'T BECOME AN ARTIST!
But it has become very successful. But paints children only with a photo.
My parents were very lucky - they were completely satisfied with the photo shop with the departing bird. Photos have since turned yellow, began to crumble in the corners. On others it’s hard to tell where my brother is and where I am. But, on the other hand, they did not torture us for a long time, without spinning and not changing the expression of the face. But whether we are lucky children, is the question. Now I would hang on the walls - I'm with a plush rabbit and a brother with a drum. And the sister will certainly have a red tie and a fixed look to a bright future.

But there were masters depicting princesses and princes.
With a shudder imagine what they were ...
Could and unscrew the head easily.

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About the artwork

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Branch of art: Painting

Subject and objects: Portrait

Style of art: Realism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Дата создания: 2018

Size: 60×80 cm


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