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Girl with beads

Painting, 1982, 50×35 cm

Description of the artwork «Girl with beads»

"Call" picture - torment! Every name is conditional.

For example, "cucumber". Especially if it is salty and crunches under the tooth. I would ask the ancient Greeks: "The Greeks, and the Greeks, why do we eat and praise your word" immature "?” And, for example, the Czechs "callous" - fresh, while the Russians, naturally, are callous. And the Czechs are completely unnatural.

You look at the portrait - there is a girl on it, beads on it. The label reads: "The girl with the beads." So all the same, and so they see that it is not the shoulder straps of the sergeant of the internal troops. But ... it is necessary to call. Responsible person comes running and, holding back his enthusiasm, asks: "For what reason is there no name under the portrait?" What do you call it ?! And you call the girl with the beads "The girl with the beads". Ridiculous.
The responsible person asks maliciously and thoughtfully: "So, Picasso can call his works, for example," The girl on the ball ", and you ... ridiculous?" Yes, it’s funny, especially since the maestro has another character, and a cube under it. I do not know where I took the Picasso ball, but "my" girl came to pose without beads. Beads were taken from his wife.
- Interesting, interesting ... And why do you wonder, beads ?!
- For still life.

We met a girl without a bead from an artist’s friend — she was his “fan,” as they say now, or a fan, as before. I was struck by the amazing oval and complexion, and eyebrows with a thin thread. Another terrible discrepancy between the tenderness of the image and the "neoplasms" on the skin of the face (I tried to express myself more delicately). I do not know if she felt herself beautiful or ... However, a woman is a mystery, and sometimes for herself too.
In general, met. They all got to know each other. Maybe because the "familiar artist" was for all those present some kind of gurus and guests, realizing that it was not enough for everyone, communicated with each newcomer. And he presented me (as polite and condescending people usually do) quite decently - talented, famous (?!), Portraitist ...
Then the owner read clever texts (not in Hindi, not in Sanskrit), but all in mind. By the way, I really liked his work - subtle, psychological and perfectly made. Where is he now? I do not know.
It was immediately clear - she would not agree to pose. Even if you promise her ... golden mountains and rivers full of wine ... And what about sho? I come up "in a break" to V.A. (he is the guru) and ask him to contribute.
“David,” says V. A., “I can convince her to pose for you, but ... you must promise me the complete immunity of girlish modesty.”
- ??? !!!
How did he know that she didn’t need IT? But, once a guru, it means he knew. Gora they know everything. Yes ... That only in this life does not happen ... I do not even remember what I mumbled in reply, but he "persuaded" the girl without beads to pose in my workshop.
At that time I was working on the second floor of a charming house in the courtyard of a quiet street on Podol. A veranda, a creaking staircase, two pyramidal poplars and a table with benches created the missing Kyiv-Podolsky flavor forever. And the people in it ... The only detail that spoiled the whole picture was on the front side of the house - a sign with the name "Lado Ketskhoveli St.". Had no idea hto tsei lad. Well, Georgians, most likely, are some kind of revolutionary (how many in Kiev, and in other cities there are similar names!), And where is the old street on Podol ?! Nothing to do with it. Anticipating the curiosity of the curious I cite a certificate from the Internet:
Lado Ketskhoveli (full name: Vladimir Zakharyevich Ketskhoveli; 2 (14) January 1876 - 17 (30) August 1903) Social activist of the revolutionary movement in Czarist Russia. Organized with Alexander Tsulukidze and Iosif Dzhugashvili the newspaper "Fight." killed in the cell by a jailer shot through the window. " Here is such a sad fate. And on the other hand - do not get a jailer in Vladimir-Lado, in 1903, in 1937 (and even earlier) certainly would not have missed.
Nowadays, this completely changed (elite microdistrict, let it out!), The street has returned its historically correct name - Vozdvizhenskaya. At the very beginning of the street stands the Holy Cross Church, erected in the middle of the 18th century at the expense of the residents of the Gonchary-Kozhemyaka tract.
Perhaps enough excursions to the Internet. Let's return to our ... girl without beads.
On a warm summer day, the bell rang in my workshop. I waited for no one, and, displeased, having broken off from the canvas, went to open it. It was she - the girl without beads. In a brown "turtleneck" (although it was decently hot), with a handbag over his shoulder and ... a completely detached look of gray-green eyes.
- Hello. Can I come in? - Dumbly sounded from bright kontrazhura. Lips did not say a greeting or a question, but a statement: "I shouldn't have come here."
- Coffee? - Not. Tea? - Not. Wine? -?!
Well there is no way. I take the primed cardboard, take off my previous work from the sketchbook, ask it to sit down and look at me. Slowly sits down and looks out the window ...
Ah well?! Well, hold on! (what ?, for what ?, than?, where?)
I painted quickly and with evil enthusiasm. Three hours did not break away from the portrait. For all the time she did not even budge - she sat and looked out the window. What did she think she was waiting for? Maybe V. A. was wrong? Maybe it is Togo? I did not know. Who knows?...
“Done,” I said.
She slowly got up, straightened her skirt, straightened her hair, took her purse, put a strap over her shoulder, walked over and looked at the side. And ... without saying a word, she disappeared. Literally! She was washed away from the room, from my perception, from life. There is only a light scent of perfume or powder, or ... sulfur, and maybe it seems so to me now?
What just does not come up later, after all ...
The next day, having decided to correct the background, I realized that something was missing. I understood the second time - we need amber beads. Precisely amber! I can’t even say why they are. Amber, and all! Beads were taken from his wife.
- Interesting, interesting ... And why do you wonder, beads ?!
- For still life.
$2 000
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About the artwork

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Branch of art: Painting

Subject and objects: Portrait

Style of art: Realism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Cardboard

Дата создания: 1982

Size: 50×35 cm


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