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Painting, 2010, 60×80 cm

Description of the artwork «Self-portrait»

The benefits of self portraits

This time the epigraph will be in prose.

What is the difference from autobiography self-portrait?
The first can be written in two volumes.
You can on one or half of the sheet.
You can tell the citizen to the judge orally.
Self-portrait can only be portrayed.
And in one copy. What and speech.

In student days, got a week of French cinema. Liked one short film about a guy with a dog. The plot is as follows: they go from house to house and offer themselves as ancillary workers. This is the beginning of the movie. In the end, having earned some money (the guy on firewood, and the dog on the servants of the host bitches), the guy says to the dog: "We will work for ourselves now ..." The guy meets a beautiful girl, and his dog with a beautiful lap-hair of a beautiful girl ...
If Koreiko were more perspicacious, he would not have kept his million in the "stocking", but would have ordered a series of self-portraits to Malevich, Rodchenko, Tatlin, Filonov, Chagall ...
Ostap comes, but there is no money! Some kind of "unnecessary daub" hanging on the walls ...
The descendants of the underground millionaire, without exception, would now be honorable millionaires, having such an inheritance.
And who, in the days of Ilf and Petrov, could have imagined how much this "daub" would cost ...
However, this is a different development of the plot in the novel.
Assuming the incredible - the artist does not need orders. No need - that's all. For different reasons. For example, a wife is very rich and there is no place for her to have her money, and why should she have a husband who closed in the workshop with his wife of a certain rich husband ?! Let better flowers, landscapes darling. Or yourself. Yes, even from morning to evening. And if this unfortunate colleague has completely rooted to the portrait, then he also paints himself. He looks at himself in the mirror, then at the canvas, then again in the mirror ... Here and there, here and there ... How can he withstand only his neck ?!
Or, for example, such.
The artist lives a hermit, is not exhibited anywhere, potential customers do not know him, and those that know and would be happy, but there is hardly enough money for port wine.
There is no money for nature, and friends are terribly busy at their main place of residence. Here the artist looks in the mirror and observes how his hair was black recently, his eyes were strained, his chin was strong-willed ... From portrait to portrait, the hair color changes, glasses appear, the chin grows over with a thick gray beard ...
Who would think (except artists and narcissists) to look at themselves in the mirror for hours ?! And sho do?
You don’t need to persuade yourself, you don’t need to offer coffee, soft drinks and flirting, you don’t need to pay, you’ll wait for hours - you don’t. What kind of nature can possess such super positive inhuman qualities? Only in the form of a strong exception.
What if you once said to yourself “I am a portrait painter” ?! And no bouquets, houses and other trees near the water absolutely inspire you. The artist wanders around the workshop, passes by the mirror, and there - nature! Eyes, nose, lips - everything, like in humans. And here, twenty some self-portrait costs under a wall and waits. What, who ...? No one knows. Let it be.
Of course, sometimes there is a benefit from this genre. Relatives invited for a birthday. You wrap one up and carry it with the desire to please and rejoice.
A relative shakes hands, happily accepts wrapped, unfolds, looks ...
The eyes gradually go out, the face grows rigid, the noisy guests come to a standstill - a silent scene.
He also expected to see "the blossoming of apple trees and pears", and then an unshaven physiognomy, slightly from a hangover, colors are not bright, the look is heavy, and even the frame is almost from the dump ...
You come to a relative once again and look around the walls with your eyes - there is no self-portrait.
- Where is the work, my dear?
- You understand me correctly, dear, my daughters are growing up - adults are already, and you will peek off the wall! They are ashamed. Put you in the mezzanine. Here they will grow up, they will marry, we will hang.
Say "return" is inconvenient. You will spit and sit down at the table to drink vodka under a chic vinaigrette with luxurious meatballs.
If anyone knew how many self-portraits disappeared from the face of the earth and the walls. Disappeared forever. And God forbid that someone’s mezzanine reveals an unknown self-portrait, for example, the beautiful Kiev artist Igor Shargorodsky.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, order self-portraits to artists. Work on yourself. It is possible that your children will thank parents.
And everyone will be fine.
$5 000
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About the artwork

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Branch of art: Painting

Subject and objects: Portrait

Style of art: Realism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Дата создания: 2010

Size: 60×80 cm


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