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Gustave Moreau (Gustave Moreau, April 6, 1826, Paris, France — April 18, 1898, Paris, France) — French symbolist painter, who preferred the biblical and mythological subjects. Moreau was born into a well-to-do family: his father was an architect, and his mother was a talented musician. As a child, Gustave was often ill and, long at home, he began to draw early. After a trip to Italy, he became interested in the art of antiquity and the early Renaissance. Moro studied painting at the Paris School of Fine Arts, and the last 10 years of his life he worked as a teacher in it. He had a significant impact on the work of his students: Henri Matisse,Georges Rouault and other artists who will later call themselves Fauvists. Recognition Moreau received after in 1864 presented to the public the painting "Oedipus and Sphinx". But five years later, when critics impartially responded about his new works, the artist closed his studio for several years. And although he triumphantly returned in 1876 with the painting "Phenomenon"Moreau was later described as a reclusive hermit. In addition to teaching, the artist devoted the last 10 years of his life to the transformation of his Parisian house into a museum.

Features of the artist Gustave Moreau: 1857−1859 Moro spent in Italy to recover from the death of a close friend and teacher Theodora Chasserio. Here the artist again found inspiration in the works Leonardo,Michelangelo and other Renaissance masters. The clear contours and fine detail of his mature work also show the influenceAndrea Mantegna and Giovanni Bellini. Later, Moreau began to study ornaments of various nations of the world and the history of the costume, integrating new knowledge into his paintings.

Famous paintings by Gustave Moreau: "Oedipus and Sphinx","Prometheus","Jupiter and Semela","Pieta","Hesiod and Muse".

Author: Evgeny Sidelnikov.

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Gustave Moreau. Saint Martin and the beggar
Gustave Moreau. Wicked Rich and Poor Lazarus
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Gustave Moreau. Orpheus
1865, 154×99.5 cm
Gustave Moreau. Jupiter and Semela
Jupiter and Semela
1895, 213×118 cm
Gustave Moreau. Galatea
1896, 37.9×27 cm
Gustave Moreau. Death sappho
Death sappho
1870, 81×62 cm
Gustave Moreau. Phenomenon. Salome and the head of John the Baptist
Phenomenon. Salome and the head of John the Baptist
1877, 55.9×46.7 cm
Gustave Moreau. Susanna and the Elders
Susanna and the Elders
1895, 81.3×66 cm
Gustave Moreau. Salome dancing before Herod
Salome dancing before Herod
1876, 144×103.5 cm
Gustave Moreau. Jason and Medea
Jason and Medea
1865, 204×121.5 cm
Gustave Moreau. Fall of Sappho
Fall of Sappho
1890-th , 80×40 cm
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