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Mariya Grishina
Moscow, 49 years old
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    Umberto Boccioni. States of mind II: Those who go
    Umberto Boccioni. Statue
    Umberto Boccioni. Plot 39
    Umberto Boccioni. The irony
    Carlo Carra. People
    Carlo Carra. Goal
    Carlo Carra. Boat on the beach
    Carlo Carra. Warriors
    Carlo Carra. The seated figure
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    Mariya Grishina
    added artworks Juan Gris to the selection Cubism
    Juan Gris. Tea cups
    Juan Gris. Violin and checkerboard
    Juan Gris. Still life with bottle and newspaper
    Juan Gris. Dish with fruit and carafe
    Juan Gris. Siphon
    Juan Gris. A glass of beer and playing cards
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    Georges Braque. Pool table
    Georges Braque. Still life with bottle and fish
    Georges Braque. Houses in l'estaque
    Georges Braque. Fruit plate and a glass
    Georges Braque. Mandolin notes
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    Mariya Grishina
    added artworks Max Ernst to the selection Max Ernst
    Max Ernst. Eye of Silence
    Max Ernst. Europe after the rain
    Max Ernst. Angel of the swamp
    Max Ernst. Chess
    Max Ernst. Landscape with a view of the lake and chimeras
    Max Ernst. Conversion of fire
    Max Ernst. Untitled (La Forêt)
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    Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Portrait of Henry van de Velde
    Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Bridge
    Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Sailboats near Grunau
    Franz Marc. The tower of blue horses
    Franz Marc. The enchanted mill
    Emil Nolde. Portrait
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    Max Lieberman. Horse racing
    Egon Schiele. Family
    Egon Schiele. Houses with colorful linen
    Egon Schiele. Autumn sun and trees
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    Oskar Kokoschka. Self-portrait
    Oskar Kokoschka. The girl at the window
    Oskar Kokoschka. Marta hirsch
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    Jean Edouard Vuillard. "Landscapes and interiors". Interior with pink Wallpaper II
    Jean Edouard Vuillard. Ladies in the room
    Jean Edouard Vuillard. Woman in Black
    Jean Edouard Vuillard. Two Women Drinking Coffee
    Jean Edouard Vuillard. The Dressmaker
    Jean Edouard Vuillard. Across the Fields
    Paul Gauguin. The loss of virginity (Awakening of spring)
    Paul Gauguin. The spirit of the dead does not sleep
    Maurice Denis. The way to Calvary
    Maurice Denis. Regata at Perros
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