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born in 1987 •
Biography and information
Otvetchikova Svetlana Valerevna — watercolor painter. Born February 28, 1987 in Moscow, Russia.
Today lives and works in Moscow and London. Where also participates in exhibitions, art projects and plein airs.
She received her first art education at the Design Department of MSTU "MAMI". Having received an academic base at the university and an understanding of exactly in which technique it can realize itself, she continued her education in the classes of contemporary painters. Svetlana studied painting with such masters as Sergey Vasiliev, Ilya Ibryaev, Konstantin Sterkhov. Training with these artists with such different techniques and vast experience has given their own collective approach to watercolor.
Today, the artist’s works are in collections and exhibited in permanent exhibitions of private galleries in the UK, Belgium, Germany, France and the Netherlands.
The first exhibition of Svetlana Otvetchikova was held in 2014 at the Central House of Artists on Krymsky Val as part of the Brilliant Art project, which was attended by watercolor artists from all over the country.
The main theme of Svetlana Otvetchikova’s painting is a figurative, female image in various forms, conveying emotions and conditions. The artist herself speaks of her work as follows: "In whatever technique and style I work, I write air in each of my work. The one that gives love, or maybe the one that takes, strangles like a tightly drawn harness. In each of its personalities it’s beautiful, incredible. "
But the technique of performing works is not limited to watercolors, and a series of works in the acrylic technique, which the artist herself called "My Girl", was also very successful. This series of four works with female images is now in the private collection of one of Moscow’s iconic restaurants I VanGogh. The work with acrylic, rather not an emotional outburst characteristic of the artist, was so liked by the audience that soon another work was written in this technique — "Freedom", but it was already filled with a different emotion, this is work — liberation, entering a completely new creative period.
But of course, the main and most beloved technique remains watercolor — a thin ringing, so easily and accurately transmitting light and air.
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About me
В какой бы технике и стиле я не работала - в каждой своей работе я пишу воздух. Тот, который дарит любовь, а может тот, который забирает, душит как туго затянутая портупея. В каждой своей ипостаси это прекрасно, невероятно.
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Просто не забывайте дышать

Ilya Borisov
, March 22 04:45 PM 0
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Ой... Забыл. Что делать?
Svetlana Otvetchikova
, May 17 09:12 AM 0
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Все пропало ))
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