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  • An orphan in the cemetery
  • The Sultan of Morocco, Muley Abd-El-Rahman and his entourage
  • The Shipwreck Of Don Juan
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  • Studio artists
  • The origin of the world
  • Afternoon in Ornans
19th century_France_1 half
Collecting Ilya Brumm
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  • Agony in the garden
  • King Charles III visited Pope Benedict XIV in the Coffee pavilion for the Quirinale Palace
  • Sibyl sermon in Roman ruins with the statue of Apollo
My Favorites
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  • Man beating on the wall
  • Strolling Along The Seashore
  • Harmony in red
Collecting Olga Sh
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  • Ukrainians plachut I HLB plow, reed sedge for the product. Pasha, svati me, Kozachenko, I'll be your
  • Pan Kotsky plays with a hoopoe
  • The flax in bloom and the girl get married
Collecting Olga Sh
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  • Colossus
  • Last voyage of the frigate "Brave"
  • A fire in the houses of Parliament on 16 October 1834
Romanticism 19c
Collecting Adel Zagidulina
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  • Gas station
  • Dante and Virgil in Hell (Dante's Boat)
  • Road and trees
Collecting Ma Da
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  • Queen Elizabeth I
  • Orestes pursued by the Furies
  • Nymphs
Collecting Anya Rokenroll
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  • The woman in the bed
  • Mother and child
  • Mother and child
Open your eyes
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  • The massacre at Chios
  • Algerian women
  • Dante and Virgil in Hell (Dante's Boat)
Eugene delacroix
Collecting Olha Yankelevych
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  • Sister warrior attacking British soldiers who infiltrated the castle of Pontorson
  • Naked girl and Valet
  • Leo in the Atlas mountains
Collecting Edgar Stepanov
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  • A series of gloomy paintings. Saturn devouring his children
  • Mahi on the balcony
  • Slave market in Rome
My collection
Collecting Ian Riccio
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  • Dante and Virgil in Hell (Dante's Boat)
  • The beach at Trouville
Collecting Lord Larges
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  • Liberty leading the people
  • Dante and Virgil in Hell (Dante's Boat)
Eugene Delacroix
Collecting Dina Salakhova
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