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born in AD •
Biography and information
Modern artist, graphic artist, prose writer, self-taught. Born in the small town of Vereya in 1989. In 2011, he began working under the pseudonym Lauri Grine. Since 2014, he began to sign paintings with his initials. He was a member of the young association Water Mirror, and also was a member of the International Fund of Artists. Currently working in Moscow. An integral part of my painting was the study of the unconscious, hypnagogism and human psychology. Experiments in painting, new studies and searches necessarily lead to the discovery of something new.
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      2016, 30×66 cm
      2014, 40×60 cm
      2014, 80×50 cm
      2014, 60×45 cm
      2016, 70×50 cm
      2017, 35×45 cm
      2017, 55×55 cm
      2016, 70×50 cm
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