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Ivanovna Koneva
born in 1961 •
artist, collector
In my store you will not see copies of paintings by other artists. All the plots and images are invented by me and are copyright!

Learn more about me and my pictures in my instagram account: @koneva_alena

I live in the suburbs, in Krasnoznamensk. I am engaged in painting all my life. 20 years ago, she studied icon painting.
Trained in the workshop of Tatiana Krapivina.
I love to read. My favorite books are "Master and Margarita", "Wine from Dandelions", "Green Noise" by M. Prishvina.
I love a good movie. Favorite films "Knocking on the skies", "Spring, summer, autumn, winter and again spring", "Switchman" (Jos Stelling).
I love experimenting with paper - origami, dudling, paper casting.

My main work is the art school studio "ARTstairs" -
I also work in the kindergarten "Golden Fish", I teach children painting there.
At the moment I have more than seventy students of different ages.
I have my own children's art studio and a lot of students.
I love to tinker with children and watch as a small spark of light begins to flare up in children, as a flower of creativity begins to sprout from my soul.

The main technique in which I work is acrylic in watercolor on paper, cardboard and canvas. I also do graphic works and paint watercolors.
Many people know about the watercolor technique, and acrylic has appeared relatively recently, and so little is known about it.
If the work is expensive for you, I can offer a poster, I don’t sell electronic copies of the paintings ..
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