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Lazarevich Oshkukov


The name of Boris Lazarevich Oshkukov is almost unknown in the artistic environment of St. Petersburg, he does not exhibit his work in the Union of Artists, does not seek to participate in general exhibitions, argue and defend his right to individuality. The reason for this was largely due to the natural modesty and lack of desire for everyone to please and please. First of all, they were driven by the desire to learn how to create their own, individual, special world, the world of images and sensations, in which they could use all their rich life experience and accumulated baggage of spiritual experiences.
A new round of life for spouses began in 1998, after a colossal default that swept the whole country. There were thoughts about emigration, and in order to feel relaxed financially, the idea came to acquire the skills of artistic craft, since in 50 years it is too late to think about fully overcoming the language barrier. The choice of creative direction for Boris Lazarevich was obvious and had an economic rationale: to acquire the opportunity to create worthy, artistic things that can provide an elementary family survival on 2-3 square meters.
Oshkukov Boris Lazarevich, painter, sculptor, author of many abstract projects. He sees the foothold of his pointless creativity in the Russian avant-garde of the early 20th century. He refers to those people for whom creativity is the basis of spiritual self-development. His artistic quest leads the author to different techniques and ways of artistic interpretation of the world.
Having been a resuscitating physician, he went into art at a mature age and has been creating his original works for 20 years. For a long time he was engaged in Florentine mosaic, creating abstract panels based on his sketches. Being engaged in a mosaic, Boris Lazarevich, managed to penetrate the mysterious world of minerals, created an absolutely original sound of the material. In parallel, Boris Lazarevich creates sculptural projects, studies and experiments with volume. The result was the projects - "Jubilee" and "Elements of Nature", which were exhibited in the halls of Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Since 2010, work begins with wood. A series of abstract sculptures "Brivnyshki", made for a country park in the Vologda region, served as the beginning to work with three-dimensional compositions in the new material. Work with relief panels turned into a project - “Day and Night” (2012 - 2015). Limitless imagination and admiring unusual materials, playing with compositional and color structures are distinguished by the panel of Boris Lazarevich. Sculptural compositions made of wood are a new passion of the artist, they allow him to search for the limits of the plasticity of the material, while not forgetting to create concise, filled with harmony images.
The abstract works of Boris Lazarevich Oshkukov are original and original, they serve as a reflective crystal of our uneasy reality, on the edges of which an original mosaic of the world, the artist and the thinker's world is created.
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