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born in 1996 •
Biography and information
I am trying to recreate subjective reality by means of form and color, a certain process of updating the formal apparatus. A way of knowing the world to satisfy: cognitive, aesthetic and social needs.

Art, as a form of culture, has the characteristic of syncretism, combining various expressive means, embodies ideas that are difficult to give a specific definition. One of the main tasks of which is to launch the work of the cells of the reticular formation.

Also, one of the techniques for performing portraits is complete or partial anonymity. Where not the person himself is important, but his emotional component, which is transmitted by the means of form and color. Discarding all the usual foundations and form a new vision of man.

Participation in the exhibition:
— Moscow, tri-mountain manufactory, international festival "Architecture", October 16, 2016.
— Closed displays of works, only the buyer is involved. The main condition is maximum anonymity. There is no artist, no title of the work, no name of the buyer, nothing. 2016 — 2017 year.
— St. Petersburg, the exhibition "Graffiti in the era of the Internet." February 18 — April 14, 2018.
— St. Petersburg, the exhibition-fair of needlework and creativity "Kraft Bazaar", March 22 — 25, 2018.
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Художник и писатель.
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2019, 20×20 cm
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