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Владимировна Маливани
born in 1976 •
Biography and information
Artist Diana Malivani, who by her training and profession, is a Doctor of Medicine (M.D., Ph.D.), is represented by internationally reputable art galleries. Her works regularly appear in prestigious exhibitions and compete in art contests in several countries, are published in international art journals, offered for sale on leading online art marketplaces, listed by auction houses, and held in the collections of both national museums and private collectors throughout the world.

The Artist’s creative journey began at birth: Diana was born on the coast of the Black Sea, bathed in the riotous profusion of the colors of the Caucasus. Her love as a child for fairy tales and pictures later developed into a desire to convey, to those hearing and viewing her work, the great feeling for nature which enhances her life and the lives of those she loves.

Diana’s paintings reflect her soul, her love for music and nature, for an infinite variety of melodies and sounds, for shades and colors, for all that nature creates: the rustling of wet leaves and the first rays of dawn, the roar of the sea surf and the scent of a flowering meadow, the flight of screeching gulls and dewdrops on a blossoming rose… As she draws flowers and depicts landscapes (the principal themes of her artwork), deals with marine subjects, creates abstract compositions, and transfers music to canvas (one of the Artist’s main Art Projects bears the name "Seeing Music"), Diana strives to share these feelings with others, to share with others a part of her soul.

Diana Malivani is also the author and illustrator of children’s books published in Russian, English, French and German. After many years spent in Russia and France, she now lives with her family in Cyprus.
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About me
Художник Диана Маливани - по образованию и профессии врач и кандидат медицинских наук. Её работы, представленные всемирно известными галереями, регулярно участвуют в престижных выставках и конкурсах, публикуются в специализированных международных изданиях, предлагаются к приобретению на ведущих торговых площадках произведений искусства, внесены в каталоги аукционных домов и находятся в фондах государственных музеев и в частных коллекциях во многих странах мира. * * * Artist Diana Malivani, who by her training and profession, is a Doctor of Medicine (M.D., Ph.D.), is represented by internationally reputable art galleries. Her works regularly appear in prestigious exhibitions and compete in art contests in several countries, are published in international art journals, offered for sale on leading online art marketplaces, listed by auction houses, and held in the collections of both national museums and private collectors throughout the world.

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