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Exhibition June 19 − September 30, 2018
Lorenzo Lotto. Portraits
The Prado Museum in Madrid presents the first major monographic exhibition devoted to the portraits of one of the most interesting artists of the Cinquecento (XVI century) by Lorenzo Lotto (Venezia, 1480 – Loreto, 1557). The exhibition, organized jointly with the National gallery in London is the most important exhibition this summer at the Museum.

Exhibition"Lorenzo Lotto. Portraits" focuses on already known aspects of paintings such as a typology, psychological depth, and complex symbolism. In addition, explores other, less familiar components, such as the artist's use of such resources in his portraits and religious works, the importance of the objects present in the portraits as a reflection of the material culture of the time, as well as the creative process of creating these works.

The variety of typologies used by Lotto; open or hidden symbolism within the paintings; the psychological depth with which he portrayed his sitters and the importance that he attached to objects that define their status, interests and aspirations – all this allows to consider Lotto the artist that best reflects Italy in a period of dramatic changes.