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Exhibition October 4, 2017 − January 29, 2018
Andre Derain, 1904 – 1914. Radical decade
Exhibition"Andre Derain, 1904 – 1914. Radical decade" at the Centre Pompidou retraces the artist-innovator of the twentieth century at different stages of his career before the First world war. For the exhibition were selected for a summer job in 1905, written in Collioure, a series of London scenes and large-scale compositions with dancers and bathers.

This is the first retrospective of Andre Derain in more than 20 years. The artist played an important role in the emergence of two major avant-garde movements of the early XX century – Fauvism and cubism. He experimented with the visual images in painting, drawing, woodcuts, sculpture, ceramics, and throughout life he was fond of photography.

The exhibition explores the little-known archives of Darren – his photographs, the collection of prints and reproductions of works of art, as well as correspondence. The exhibition includes approximately seventy paintings, a large number of works on paper (watercolors, drawings, sketches and prints), sculptures and about fifty photographs. They complement the sculptures and ceramics of the African peoples and Maori. Deren collected them and copied at the British Museum in 1906.