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Exhibition November 16, 2017 − January 14, 2018
Martiros Saryan
Tretyakov gallery to the Days of Armenian culture in Russia coincided with the exhibition of the brilliant painter Martiros Sergeevitch Sarian.

The exhibition presents 29 paintings, 13 of them belongs to the State Tretyakov gallery, the other 16 in the National gallery of Armeniaand The house-Museum of Martiros Saryan in Yerevan.

Martiros Sergeevich Sarian – Armenian and Soviet painter, landscape painter, graphic and theatre artist. He can rightfully be considered the founder of Armenian school of painting. Sarian has skillfully combined different styles together and thus received unique works of art that still no one has managed to repeat.

Sarian always gravitated to his roots. At the age of twenty he first went to Armenia. Typical landscapes and the flavor of life of the people of this country gave a strong impetus to his creative quest.

The exhibition consists of paintings, primarily related to the period of 1910-ies. In this period the skill of the artist comes on to the professional level, comes to him the first recognition and success. Provided the exhibits were created during travels to the Middle East and based on the memories about them. Among the exhibited paintings, visitors will see the famous "Street. Noon. Constantinople" (1910), "Constantinople. Dogs" (1910), "Date palm. Egypt" (1911) from the collection of the Tretyakov gallery.

On the official website The state Tretyakov gallery.