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Exhibition November 21, 2017 − February 18, 2018
Exhibition"Fortuny" in Madrid the Prado Museum is part of the project on re-evaluation of the great masters of Spanish painting of the nineteenth century. This major exhibition is organized in cooperation with the Museum of Palazzo Fortuny in Venice and the National art Museum of Catalonia.

The retrospective opens to the public the Spanish painter Mariano Fortuny (1838 – 1874), who enjoyed enormous international reputation and belongs to the pleiad of the most prominent figures in the history of art in Spain.

The exhibition presents a chronological survey of the contribution of Fortuny in the artistic context of his time as a painter, watercolourist, draughtsman and engraver. Visitors can also appreciate the works of his wonderful collection of Antiques that were stored in his workshop. These invaluable items, some of which nowadays belongs to the leading archaeological museums in the world, reveal the interest of Fortuny to scrutiny and explain its extremely fine ability to capture the texture, color and light in their own creations.

The Museum has collected 169 works: 30 from our own vaults, and other European and American museums and private collections. More than 60 objects have never been exhibited outside agencies or collections to which they belong, and 12 completely unknown to the public.