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Exhibition September 29, 2017 − February 4, 2018
Will gentle rain
In the framework of the Year of Japan in Russia, the Museum of modern art "Garage" is the first large-scale exhibition of famous artist Takashi Murakami "Will gentle rain".

The exhibition covers several periods of creativity of the contemporary artist — from the beginning of 1990-ies up to our days, paying tribute to many years of working eccentric of the master, in his work reinterpreted and combines the traditions of East and West.

The exhibition presents over 80 works by Takashi Murakami painting, graphics (including drawing), full-length movies and animation. The exhibits provided The Museum of modern art of the XXI century (Kanazawa), The Mori art Museum (Tokyo) and private collections. In addition, present at the exhibition Japanese prints and paintings from the collection State Museum of fine arts named after A. S. Pushkin artifacts from the Studio of Murakami, as well as pictures and manga of Peace memorial Museum (Hiroshima).

The exhibition consists of five chapters-chapters, each dedicated to a particular phenomenon of Japanese culture, developed in artistic practice are located.
Chapter I. "Geijutsu" ("Technique and training")
Chapter II. "The kid" and "Fat man"
Chapter III. Kawaii
Chapter IV. "Stazio" ("Studio")
Chapter V. "Asobi and kazari" ("Entertainment and decoration")

The name "Will gentle rain" is directly related to the key Chapter of the exhibition "Little boy" and "Fat man", which is dedicated to the symbolic meaning and the impact of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the cultural consciousness of the Japanese, and refers to the dystopian story of ray Bradbury from the series "the Martian Chronicles" (1950).

On the official website ISI "Garage".