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Exhibition October 8 − December 3, 2017
Fragonard: Bizarre figures
The National Gallery of Art in Washington presents an exhibition of paintings by one of the most famous French artists of the Rococo era "Fragonard: Bizarre figures".

Fourteen portraits of people in sumptuous suits with magnificent collars, split sleeves, ribbons of the so-called "Spanish style" are compared with a sketch found not so long ago. For the first time this drawing, consisting of 18 sketches of people on one sheet, appeared in 2012 at the Paris auction. He allowed to establish a connection with the "fantastic" portraits of Fragonard's brush, and to identify some of the people depicted on them.

Jean Honore Fragonard is a recognized master of painting and engraving, an improviser of French art of the 18th century, a genius of a fleeting sketch from life. The French artist boldly destroyed the canons of the aristocratic portrait of the eighteenth century, trying to capture emotions, inner experiences, creative impulsiveness of a person.
In the paintings included in the exposition, many models are depicted in their leisure: for reading, playing musical instruments, singing, playing, writing.

The exhibition allows the viewer not only to enjoy the works of a talented artist, but for a moment to touch the "fantastic", "quaint" world of Jean Honore Fragonard.

Based on the materials of the official site National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.

More information about the exhibition can be found in material of Arkhiv.