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Exhibition November 3, 2017 − March 4, 2018
In our days animals are often the object of discussion. They have a soul? How much they suffer? Not are we required to protect their individuality, giving them the right? Can people consume them, imprisoned and trained for entertainment purposes?

Against this background, the exhibition "Animals" The Museum of arts and crafts Hamburg overestimates of the shared history of humans and animals from the point of view of eras, cultures and materials. Focuses on the works of fine art, where the interaction between animal and man creates something completely new.

The exhibition presents some 200 objects from the ancient times to the present, including paintings, sculptures, prints, photography, video art, large-scale installations and films. In addition to the main exhibition on the area of 1200 sq. m there are 14 locations that focus on individual animals.

This exhibition explores the relationship of animals and humanity from the point of view of art and raises ethical, spiritual, and emotional issues.