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Exhibition November 4, 2017 − January 7, 2018
A wonderful era. Scottish art from 1540 to this day
"A wonderful era. Scottish art from 1540 to the present time" – a unique exhibition that, for the first time in the building of the Royal Scottish Academy. It is organized jointly with the National galleries of Scotland and includes more than 450 works created by more than 270 artists and architects. About 60 outstanding exhibits presented to the National gallery.

The exhibition covers a period of almost five centuries – from 1540 to the present time – from "adoration of the kings" by Jacopo Bassano to the paintings of Callum Innes, which he presented as his diploma work in 2015 after being elected an academician.

One of the halls is dedicated to sir James Guthrie (1859 – 1930) and the period of transition, 1910. There are large work from the National gallery and the Royal Academy. Nearby hang works of William Dyce and Joseph Noel Paton, and installed a specially commissioned sculpture Guthrie authorship Kenny hunter.

In the hall of the greatest portraits of the presidents and artists, Royal Scottish Academy, you can see key works by David Allan, Elizabeth Blackadder and Alberto Morrocco.