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Exhibition September 8, 2017 − January 21, 2018
Saved Moscow shrines of the departed
The state Tretyakov gallery is a unique project "Saved relics of Moscow departed"the second in a trilogy of exhibitions dedicated to the 870th anniversary of Moscow.

For the first time the Museum has opened one of its most closed to the public vaults. At the exhibition the viewer will see works of decorative art from the Fund of precious metals and precious stones of the Tretyakov gallery. A small exhibition brings together 30 of the rarest works of religious art XVI–XIX centuries from the 17-year-destroyed in the years 1920-1930, the Moscow churches.

The bulk of the exhibits are ecclesiastical objects were placed in the altars of the temples: the tabernacle; the altar of the gospel in diverse service and salaries; supplementary altar crosses, lined with silver gilt and precious stones; liturgical set, consisting of chalice, paten, Zvezditsa, plate and Lizy. Also among the exhibits are the enamel painting in a curly silver frame with rhinestones, which were previously part of the altar decoration of the gospel, as well as 9 icons in silver plated frames.

All these monuments of ancient art, so varied in composition, share a common destiny — they are witnesses and participants of great events: the ruin and destruction of churches, in which the items existed for centuries.

On the official website The state Tretyakov gallery.

On the photo:
1 – the Icon in salary "Saviour Smolensky" icon case-folding. XVII century;
2 – Plate. 1723;
3 – the gospel altar 1698 year. Moscow. The salary of the late XVII - early XVIII centuries;
4 – PYX. The middle of the XVIII century.