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Exhibition September 16, 2017 − January 15, 2018
Rodin at the Metropolitan Museum
The centenary of the death of a great sculptor Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) of the new York Metropolitan Museum of art presents its historic collection of works of the master.

Almost 50 works by Rodin marble, bronze, plaster and terracotta, representing more than a century of acquisitions and gifts to the Museum totaled the exhibition "Rodin at the Met"in the gallery of the sculpture of B. Gerald Cantor (gallery 800). The exhibition includes widely-known, iconic sculptures like "the Thinker" and "Hand of God" and the masterpiece "Shock" that was not present decades.

Also among the exhibits provided by the paintings of his contemporaries, friends, admirers of Rodin, among them Claude Monet and Pierre Cecile Puvis de Chavan.

In addition, in the next gallery (gallery 809) presents a collection of drawings, prints, letters and book illustrations, executed by Auguste Rodin. Visitors will also be able to see pictures of the sculptor and his works, taken by famous photographers, among them Edward Steichen. This focused presentation introduces visitors to the evolution of the mastery of Rodin and demonstrates the significant role of drawing in his work.

Official the website of the Metropolitan Museum.

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