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Exhibition February 7 − May 3
The synthesis of monumental and easel
In the Museum complex to them. AND I. Slovtsova hosts the exhibition "The synthesis of monumental and easel”, Dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Tyumen artist Alexei Sergeyevich Chugunov.

The exhibition presents the artist’s works written in the 1960s, and works created recently.

All presented canvases are distinguished by the recognizable and unique manner of the artist, his own style and special expressive language. Alexey Chugunov is known as a monumental artist. Specialists attribute most of his work to abstractionism. Art historians note in the artist’s creations a peculiar constructivism and the ability to find harmony between dry geometric form and color plasticity.

Among the main visual means of his art, color, color spot, line, silhouette, rhythm of the image and minimalism are distinguished. The artist himself claims that he does not set himself the task of fixing everything down to the last stroke or smear, but seeks to leave some kind of understatement, because the contemplator is, to one degree or another, a co-author of the creator, adding his perception and vision to the artist’s work.

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