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Exhibition February 14 − April 14
Selfie: Look at me, what do you see?
Art Gallery Iragui presents an exhibition of Nikita Alekseev"Selfie: Look at me, what do you see?".

Visitors will be able to see the artist’s works, drawings and graphics, which are “Analog portraits according to the laws of the digital world”, the style of which is often compared with the works of ukiyo-e masters.

“Selfies are one of the most amazing and absurd phenomena in this digital communication community. Every year, several thousand people die worldwide in an attempt to become outstanding selfies. Lord, this is fantastic, idiotic egocentrism, this is some kind of extraordinary egoism! To the extent that my abilities allow, I make my own handmade selfies or restore the absurdity of today's world ”- Nikita Alekseev.

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