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Exhibition January 31 − April 27
Igor Baranov. Herbarium
Erarta Museum of Modern Art invites you to visit the exhibition“Igor Baranov. Herbarium ».

The exhibition presents the unique works of the painter and graphic artist Igor Baranov, made in the most complicated printing equipment.

The artist’s series of works is a reflection on endangered life, a rethinking of the tradition of allegorical still life, a clash of natural and cultural. The first sheets of the Herbarium series were born during his creative expedition to China, as a result of the development of the most difficult printing technique, reminiscent of silk-screen printing: each color on a paper sheet was printed from a fabric form with machine precision, which requires incredible exposure from a person. Being far from the homeland, Igor Baranov, like travelers of the 18th – 19th centuries, turned to the compilation of a herbarium. Acquaintance with a different culture allowed him to take a fresh look at human civilization as a whole.

Igor Baranov’s works may seem like an illogical pile of random images. All objects, whether they are flowers, animals or objects of material culture, are shown to the viewer forever frozen - as in the illustration in the anatomical atlas. According to the author, these are mummified images of reality that researchers of the past will have to unravel in the distant future. They will hear the tragic motive of extinction, sounding in the series, a phenomenon that the artist observes. In his works, a clash of two principles takes place - natural and cultural: flora and fauna meet with man and his deeds.

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