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Exhibition January 31 − April 27
Peter Dick. Pastel
Erarta Museum of Modern Art presents an exhibition by eminent artist Peter Dick"Pastel".

The exposition acquaints the audience with the author's graphic works executed by pastel on sandpaper.

The author's manner of Peter Gergardovich Dick was formed under the influence of the beauty of nature and the tragic experiences of Soviet childhood. In the late 1980s, Peter Dick "found" his technique - pastel on sandpaper. She allowed him to literally draw the viewer into the work: the dark background and graininess of the material give the pastels a special depth, emphasize the saturation of color and tone. Inside the graphic sheet, the density of the pastel seems to change the familiar relationship between space and time: “gravity increases, the darkness thickens, and the light becomes saturated”. So the artist achieved a special drama, which creates both a physical and a metaphysical sense of eternity in his works. The author’s graphics are characterized by differentness, special humanity and a silent secret - thanks to these features, the laconic aesthetics of the author’s works becomes ethics.

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