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Exhibition March 4 − May 17
Marinus van Roymerswale. "Tax collectors." By the end of the restoration
The State Hermitage Museum in the Menshikov Palace holds an exhibition“Marinus van Roymerswale. "Tax collectors." To the completion of the restoration ".

Visitors will be able to see the work of the 16th-century Dutch painter Marinus van Roymerswale (Netherlands, c. 1490 - c. 1567) presented at the imperial assembly at the end of the 18th century as part of the famous English collection of Sir Robert Walpole presented after restoration. The collection was acquired by Empress Catherine II at the end of the 18th century, at a time when the Hermitage's collection of paintings was being formed.

Museum visitors are accustomed to dark colors, to a completely different color, to the fact that the old picture cannot be so bright, to the impression that it was finished by the artist only yesterday. But the real color of the picture, created by the author, is preserved under the late layers of records and varnish. Thanks to the scientific research and the efforts of the Hermitage restorers, the work, freed from late deposits, dirt, notes, yellow varnish, appears before the viewer in the form in which Roymersval was conceived.

Prepared from the materials of the official website of the museumThe State Hermitage Museum.

Artworks at the exhibition

1550-th , 84.3×59.6 cm
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