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Exhibition September 23, 2020 − January 10, 2021
Wilhelm Hammershöy, Waldemar Möller and photography
Exhibition "Wilhelm Hammershöy, Waldemar Möller and photography"talks about Wilhelm Hammershöy's interest in photography, which was developed in close collaboration with his friend Waldemar Möller.

Through a series of thematic photographs and paintings, the exhibition explores how photography for Hammershoe became crucial for the development of his painting. The artist painted sensual portraits of his sister Anna in close-up in a dialogue with her photographs of Waldemar Möller in the mid-1880s. He used photography as a tool and to preserve his fiancé in a large portrait of Ida Ilsted since 1890. Just as he cultivated the contrasts of photography between light and darkness in several works throughout his artistic career.

Artworks at the exhibition

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