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Exhibition October 7, 2020 − January 10, 2021
Dürer was here. Travel becomes a legend
Exhibition "Dürer was here. Travel becomes a legend"Opens on October 7, 2020 at the Museum of Surmond-Ludwig - celebrates 500 years since the arrival of the Renaissance star in Aachen.

Organized in collaboration with the National Gallery in London, this exhibition offers an accurate and fresh look at the so-called Travel to the Netherlands (1520/21).

100 masterpieces (about 65 drawings and paintings and 35 prints) testify to the exceptional skill of Dürer.

Albrecht Durer is a German painter, engraver and graphic artist, one of the greatest masters of the Western European Renaissance. Recognized as the largest European master of woodcuts, raising it to the level of real art.

Artworks at the exhibition

1521, 59×48 cm
1521, 12.8×18 cm
1521, 20×31 cm
All artworks at the exhibition