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Exhibition February 20 − April 14
6 days left
Alexander Putov. Illustrations to the works of Velimir Khlebnikov
The State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg and the Museum of St. Petersburg Avant-Garde (House of MV Matyushin) present an exhibition“Alexander Putov. Illustrations to the works of Velimir Khlebnikov ».

The exhibition introduces the work of the nonconformist artist, the third-wave emigrant, Alexander Sergeyevich Putov (1940-2008). The exposition presents the artist's illustrations to the works of Velimir Khlebnikov.

The artist’s creative heritage includes many paintings and graphic works, as well as sculpture. A special place in the work of Alexander Putov takes a book illustration. The artist himself wrote that he "comprehended the text by drawing." Throughout his life, he created illustrations for the works of many poets, including Velimir Khlebnikov. In January 1989, Alexander Putov illustrated 450 pages of poetic text, completing several hundred drawings on the sidelines of the book Velimir Khlebnikov. Creations ”(1986). Selected pages of this publication are presented at the exhibition. These drawings, spontaneous in character, express the artist’s immediate impressions. Subsequently, on their basis, Alexander Putov performed 40 paintings in blue, 12 of which are on display at the exhibition. Among them are illustrations for the poem “The Curse of Laughter”, the poems “The Shaman and Venus”, “The Slave Coast”, the super-novel “Zangezi” and other works by Velimir Khlebnikov.

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