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Exhibition June 19 − September 27
Rafael Madonna with the baby and a book from Pasadena
BesidesRaphael Dresden tapestries, The Old Masters Gallery presents a special guest from the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, California, on the occasion of his 500th death anniversary: "Madonna and Child and a Book"Raphael.

This painting is an early work of the famous Renaissance artist, created around 1503.

Contemporaries considered him “the artist of the Madonna” and always sought to come up with a new motive. The close connection between the mother and the child, which characterizes many of his altar and religious paintings, is especially evident in the panel from Pasadena.

The exhibition illustrates the features of this painting, comparing it with paintings by Madonna of other Renaissance artists from the collections of the Gallery of Old Masters.
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1503, 55.2×40 cm
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