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Exhibition October 1, 2020 − January 10, 2021
18th century Dutch drawings
The museum houses one of the most extensive and artistically significant collections of Dutch 18th-century drawings outside the Netherlands.

Exhibition "18th century Dutch drawings“the museum will devote its own exhibition to this valuable collection for the first time. The exhibition features projects of large-format wall and ceiling decorations by Jacob de Veta, book illustrations by Bernard Picard, Dutch topographies by Cornelis Pronk, Paulus la Farg or Hendrick Shepper, atmospheric landscape paintings by Jacob Kats, Jacob brothers and Avar van Striz and Francis Milatz, decorative still lifes with flowers and fruits of Jan van Heisum and his many successors, as well as images of exotic animals of Aert Schumann or satirical genre scenes of Cornelis Troost and Jacobus Boys.

Artists at the exhibition

All artists at the exhibition