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Exhibition February 20 − August 9
French impressions. Engravings from Manet to Cezanne
Drawing on a rich collection of engravings by the museum, the exhibition "French impressions"invites visitors to explore the flourishing Impressionist print movement of France in the late 19th century."

As Paris exploded with life and creativity, the Impressionists experimented with print production, producing amazing images of modern urban life. Some were heavily influenced by a passion for Japanese art known as “japonisme,” influenced by the economy of lines, the unusual point of view, and the flattening of forms that were characteristic of Japanese prints.

This exhibition reflects the vibrant and dynamic world of the Impressionists exploring the exciting possibilities of print.

Artworks at the exhibition

1862, 51×39 cm
1891, 43.2×30.7 cm
All artworks at the exhibition

Artists at the exhibition

All artists at the exhibition