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Exhibition February 6 − March 7
Voice in the Dnieper
Artsvit Gallery in the Dnieper presents the exhibition "Voice in the Dnieper”, Dedicated to the outstanding Ukrainian artist of the late 1980s - early 1990s, born in the Dnieper.

Oleg Golosiy (1965–1993) was one of the artists of the Ukrainian “New Wave” formed around the workshops of the “Paris Commune” in Kiev. Already in the early nineties, the author became a star of the Ukrainian art scene and had a great influence on the work of other painters not only in Ukraine. Over the past five years of his life, the master has created more than 270 paintings, which demonstrate the search for an alternative to Soviet academicism through the creation of a self-sufficient direction in painting, related to world postmodern movements, such as the Italian transavantgarde.

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