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Exhibition September 16, 2019 − February 16
The northern turn of the century. Highlights from the Waldemarsudde Collection
At the exhibition "North turn of the century"presents painting, art on paper and sculpture from naturalism of the late 19th century and outdoor painting to the symbols of the turn of the century and national romance.

Particular attention is paid to Prince Eugene, Eugene Janson, Ernst Josephson and Anders Zorn - artists who were leaders in Sweden during this period. The exhibition also includes a number of famous female artists such as Eva Bonnier and Hannah Pauli.

The exhibition highlights the important role of Prince Eugene in Swedish art life as a collector and philanthropist. The exhibition reflects the importance of relations, and also gives an idea of the development of art in Sweden and the Scandinavian countries in the last decades of the 19th century.
All artworks at the exhibition
All artists at the exhibition