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Exhibition December 7, 2019 − February 2
Cornelli Tollens. Deep inside
Ruarts Foundation and Contemporary Art Gallery presents an exhibition of the famous Dutch photo artistCornelli Tollens "Deep Inside".

The exposition presents several dozens of photographs and videos of the author, working with leading world magazines and trade brands.

The works of Cornelli Tollens are subtle stylizations for Dutch still lifes of the “golden age” with a characteristic arrangement of composition and chiaroscuro, a carefully thought-out subject environment and a touch of eroticism. This is a "light painting" of desire, expressed in hints and not uttered to the end, which makes them attractive in their intentional understatement. Tollens considers erotica in conjunction with ugliness and death drive; her photographs resemble both the paintings of old masters (especially Flemish people) and paintings of the early 20th century (Manet, Schiele).

Ruarts Foundation and Contemporary Art Gallery.