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The State Museum and Exhibition Center ROSIZO and the Arsenal Gallery hold an exhibition“Draftsman's Atelier”within the framework of the “Graphic cabinet” program.

“Atelier of the draftsman” is an exhibition of three artists: Alexander Konstantinov, Vladimir Nasedkin and Tatyana Badanina, which are represented at the exhibition by both monumental objects and miniatures: sketches, drawings, engravings, silk-screen printing.

The project acquaints viewers with domestic and foreign phenomena in the schedule, as well as with the current directions of its development: from graphic design to computer animation. Different in form, the original author’s concepts, combining in the exhibition space, create a seamless visual effect, the vibration of a single line in a tense harmony that sounds in the silence of the atelier of the draftsman.

Based on site materialsState Museum and Exhibition Center ROSIZO.