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Exhibition September 25 − October 2, 2016
Shuruq Agbaria & Shirley Siegal | Small peace
Shuruq Agbaria & Shirley Siegal “Small Peace”
Shuruq Agbaria (Arab) and Shirley Siegal (Jewish) are women artists from Israel.
It has been shown that it has been an art for women.
Working in the same studio of the Kotor Bay, each expresses her thoughts and emotions in her artworks.
Shirley Siegal paints portraits in oils, watercolor and acrylic on stone.
There has been a lot of fun in the drawing.
There is a wrap around.
Shuruq Agbaria translates
She uses colors and space. Her colors create harmony and also contrast.
This is a combination of the two colors that came together.
This is a small step by step.
Galleries at the exhibition