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Exhibition December 5, 2019 − February 16
Exhibition of West European and Russian artists of the XIX century. To the 200th anniversary of Ya.P. Polonsky
In the Ryazan State Regional Art Museum. I.P. Pity is openan exhibition of works by West European and Russian artists of the 19th century from the museum's collection on the 200th anniversary of the birth of Ya.P. Polonsky.

The exhibits represent the background against which the work of one of the most significant lyricists of the second half of the 19th century, Yakov Petrovich Polonsky, developed.

The exhibition helps to recreate the image of the era in which Polonsky lived and worked. Most of the landscapes on display are related to the poet's travels theme. These are Caucasian and Crimean views, Swiss and Italian landscapes, works made by artists traveling around the Volga. Among them are works by West European watercolor masters of the 19th century and Russian artists - P.I. Baykova, L.F. Lagorio, A.D. Kivshenko, V.D. Orlovsky, R.G. Sudkovsky, Ya. Y. Kalinichenko and others. Some of them, for example, A.I. Meshchersky, were closely acquainted with Polonsky. Yakov Petrovich himself never left poetry and art classes. Impressions from trips to European countries left a mark not only in the literary work of Polonsky, but also in numerous albums of travel sketches. Not always perfect in execution, the drawings are imbued with a deep interest in the surrounding world and allow a better understanding of the poet's range of interests.

Based on site materialsRyazan State Regional Art Museum. I.P. Pity.
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