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Exhibition 10 − January 17
Exhibition of Anatoly Sivkov "Over the vaults of heaven"
From January 10 to January 17, 2020, the exhibition "Over the Arches of Heaven" will be held, dedicated to the work of the artist Anatoly Ivanovich Sivkov (1952-2017).
The painting of Anatoly Sivkov is individual, expressive and very sensual. The works are mainly views of St. Petersburg, so far deserted, but as if ready to fill up with literary or theatrical characters. Heroes of genre works are a little thoughtful and sad, talk, play musical instruments. There is always intrigue, subtext, symbolism, rhythm in the plots.
The artist’s exhibition “Above the Arches of Heaven” is a reminder of the author’s life, continuing in his paintings, poems, in the memory of friends, in the heartfelt joy that he left on Earth.
Galleries at the exhibition